Miss Cosmos 2018

Sarah Gross

Sarah Gross, Miss Cosmos 2018, currently lives in Seoul, South Korea and works at the Korean Institute of Criminology, a member of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network Institutes (UNPNI), as a researcher. She is currently working on a government-funded project on North Korean defectors who were victims of human trafficking.

Even though she was born in Seoul, her hometown is in Nashville, Tennessee. She recently graduated with her Masters in Criminal Justice Administration at Middle Tennessee State University before moving to Seoul. Before moving to Seoul, she worked in the background checking industry in Nashville as an investigative specialist.

In her free time, she enjoys learning salsa and bachata, practicing yoga, weightlifting, and traveling. She is also enjoying learning more about her mother’s culture while she is living in Seoul.  She plans to pursue her Ph.D. and seeks to become an expert in human trafficking and other types of victimology research in her next life’s chapter, so she can continue to raise awareness of these atrocious types of crimes and assist in creating effective policy implications.

We are so blessed to have Sarah as our Miss Cosmos 2018!

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