Mrs. Cosmos 2019

Ashley Stremme

Ashley Stremme, Mrs. Cosmos 2019, resides in Mooresville, North Carolina, with her husband, David – a professional race car driver.  Ashley earned her B.A. in Information Technology Leadership from Washington & Jefferson University, and now works as a television and radio show host on Winged Nation in the motorsports industry. She, with her husband David, is also the owner of a nationally ranked racecar chassis manufacturing company, Lethal Chassis.

For Ashley, advocating for the rights of children has been a life-long passion.  Ashley’s sister was born with medical complications and subsequently bound to a wheelchair. After her sister passed away, Ashley bravely navigated through her own life’s journey and became passionate about helping children live their lives without limitations or boundaries.  Coupled with her family’s passion for auto racing, Ashley was introduced to Victory Junction in 2008, an auto racing-themed camp for children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.  Ashley’s volunteer work at Victory Junction has helped children just like her sister learn more about what they are capable of, even in the face of their illness.

Ashley enjoys living life to the fullest.  With a passion for motorsports, she travels the country with her husband and their three dogs: Maddie, Cali & SoCal.

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