The Pageant

Elements of Competition

Teen | Miss | Ms. | Mrs.

*Please note that the scoring percentages listed at the top apply to the 2019 Pageant only. The 2020 scoring system is posted below.*

Evening Gown - 25%

Poise, Beauty, and Confidence are what our judges are looking for during this portion of our competition. Delegates are required to wear an evening gown that touches the floor.

For 2020, evening gown will account for 30% of the overall score.

Interview - 20%

Each delegate will participate in a press conference-style interview in front of a panel of judges. Each interview will last 3 minutes and will allow the judges to see how each delegate handles herself with ever-changing questions and reacting in the moment under pressure.

For 2020, interview will account for 15% of the overall score.

Swimsuit - 20%

Each delegate will compete on stage in a swimsuit provided by our organization to showcase her confidence and physical fitness.

For 2020, swimsuit will account for 30% of the overall score.

Physical Fitness - 20%

Each delegate will participate in a competition that tests each woman’s physical fitness. This may include the number of squats, sit ups, pushups, and sprints each delegate can do in a timed period. More information will be provided as the local and state competitions commence.

For 2020, physical fitness will account for 15% of the overall score.

On-Stage Question - 15%

The top 5 in each division will compete in a final on-stage question that will account for the final 15% of her score to determine the winner. Delegates will be given 30 seconds to answer the question given at random.

For 2020, on-stage question will account for 10% of the overall score.

Optional Competitions

Optional Competitions will be held for:



These scores will not count towards the overall competition but separate awards will be given to the highest score in each division from those who choose to compete.

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